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Article Submission Guidelines

SCribe is the newsletter brought to you by the Technology Council of Southern California, an organization focused on making the region's software and information technology companies more successful.

If you'd like to submit an article for consideration, here are some guidelines to help smooth the process.

Article themes take two basic forms: those scheduled on the Editorial Calendar and others, which are optional and published on a space-available basis. Priority will be given to submissions from Technology Council members; submissions from non-members will be considered when space is available.

SCribe does not allow the promotion of companies or products in feature-length articles. We are looking for articles that will be directly helpful to our readers-primarily executives of Southern California technology companies. They may be features, how-to articles, "how I did it" stories, tips and hints, instructions or motivational articles. The tone of an article should be informative; we will not accept material that appears to be a sales pitch or promotional piece.

Among the broad subject areas we cover are advertising, sales and marketing, human resources, legal and accounting issues, productivity, and general business management.

SCribe is published electronically six times per year. Archives are stored on the TCOSC Web site. We may also distribute content to other sites, including some major commercial online services. By submitting an article to us, you agree to let us use the article not only in SCribe, but any place that content from the Technology Council of Southern California is used. You may request reprint permission for your own use of the article with the SCribe attribution.

We only accept submissions from the original author of the article or a publicist hired by the copyright owner to submit material. By submitting material, you acknowledge that you are legally entitled to distribute the work and to allow it to be redistributed. We do not offer payment for articles. Articles are intended to increase the author's visibility to the public. We cannot guarantee that we will use your article in SCribe.

Articles are subject to acceptance or rejection based on the content and appropriateness of the subject matter, as judged by the editor. Submissions may be edited for style and clarity. The editor reserves the right to modify, lengthen, shorten, or change any submission. The author will receive an edited copy of the article to proof for accuracy.

We recommend that you communicate with the editor before you start writing a feature article, to ensure that space has been reserved for your article.

It is very important to carefully follow the guidelines listed below.  Please use them as a checklist prior to submitting an article

1. SCribe feature articles are written in the third person (he, she, they, it) using Microsoft Word or plain text. They should be 750-1,500 words long. Please remember that due to space limitations, longer articles may be shortened.

2. We do NOT publish press releases, product announcements, or advertisements disguised as articles. In rare cases, mentioning your company or a product name(s) a couple or a few times is appropriate. Filling the article with your company and product name(s) constitutes hardsell and is not acceptable. Tell the story in an objective, factual, and straightforward manner without tooting horns or beating chests. Do not use superlatives or hyperbole.

3. Please send a summary or abstract of your article via email rather than conventional postal services. If you wish to run your idea past the editor before writing the article, feel free to e-mail Sue Taylor at for a quick response. Otherwise, sending the completed article is preferred.

4. Articles should have a working title of six words or less. They should also include an abstract. This two-to-four sentence paragraph summarizes key points in a way that hooks the reader into reading the article. Note: since SCribe is distributed electronically, only the first few sentences appear in the distribution email with a link to the full article text. Be sure to make the best use of those first sentences to draw readers to link to your full article.

5. Use of a byline is recommended, please list it as follows: Name, Title, Company/Organization Name.

6. Articles should be sprinkled with colorful quotes and anecdotes, but do not quote yourself in the article if you use a byline.

7. We encourage you to submit author photos or other supporting images, which may be included at the discretion of the editor. The image should be in .JPG or .GIF format and at least 360 dpi; image size should be about 1 ½ X 2 inches (or, about 540 X 720 pixels).

8. Please remember that organizations, acronyms, and procedures should be spelled out and explained clearly.

9. Articles should NOT be too technical. Assume the readers have some familiarity with technology, but don't assume they know all the buzzwords.

10. At the end of each article, please include: "For more information, contact ..." and then include the appropriate names, titles, affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and Web URLs for the contact(s). You may also include one or two sentences about your organization-no more than 50 words.

11. Tip: The strongest submissions tend to come from those who have asked someone to review their article for content and clarity.

12. Please do NOT use any fancy formatting, styles, or desktop publishing to produce your article. Include only essential formatting, such as clear section headings and italics. We can only accept Microsoft Word, RTF, or ASCII format documents. Do not submit any articles in a page layout format such as Microsoft Publisher. Always submit any photos, graphics, or images as separate image files.

13. Please send digital copies of your article by emailing your document to In the subject line place "SCribe submission", to ensure your article does not get lost among the many emails we receive daily.

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