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How Virtual Goods Are Transforming the Game Industry 

July 15, 2010


With the explosion of social and mobile gaming and the estimated $1.6 billion virtual good market in 2010, a paradigm shift is occurring as it relates to the monetization of game related entertainment. Game consumption has reached extraordinary levels on Facebook and Smart Phones and these games are often initially offered for free or near free. However, publishers have discovered a new way to monetize games through virtual goods and this has opened up an entire new market in a very short period of time. Join us as we examine the social/mobile gaming market and how virtual goods are increasingly becoming the primary monetization model for the publishers of these games. We will also explore how virtual goods are expanding beyond casual gaming and into major console platforms such as xBox and PlayStation and what this means for brands and the gaming industry as a whole.


  • Andre Bremer, Studio CTO at Zynga
  • Stevie Case, Senior Director, Business Development at Live Gamer, Inc.
  • Jason Kay, Chief Operating Monkey at Monkey Gods LLC
  • Brad Spahr, Founder & CEO at Fan Space Media 
    (former Exec. Dir. of Digital Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment)


  • Shalom Mann, Founder & Creative Director at OneLoop Games
    (former SVP & Studio Head, Sony Online Entertainment)

Speaker Bios: 

Andre Bremer, Studio CTO at Zynga

Andre Bremer, Studio CTO at game juggernaut Zynga, one of the two top-ranked companies in social gaming, is an entrepreneurial technologist with over 15 years of experience developing entertainment titles for dedicated gaming platforms and PCs.  Previously he has been Technical Director and Development Director at Electronic Arts, as well as Manager of Tools Development at LucasArts.  He is based in San Francisco.  His specialties include software architecture and design, software project management, game development, engineering outsourcing, online infrastructure and web applications, systems driving direct-to-consumer initiatives in games.

Stevie Case, Senior Director, Business Development at Live Gamer, Inc.

Ms. Case is a widely respected figure in the industry and is celebrated for being one of the first professional female gamers in the world. Stevie gained notable recognition for defeating John Romero in a Quake deathmatch. Soon after, she joined Ion Storm: first as a game tester, then as a level designer. Stevie, Romero, and id Software veteran Tom Hall then went on to co-found Monkeystone Games, where she was CEO.

Stevie has previously served as Director of Business Development and Sales at Tira Wireless, as well as at Spleak Media Network as Director of Product Management, designing features for an IM-based social network.

Previously worked with: Warner Bros.; Tira Wireless; Spleak Media Network; Ion Storm; and Monkeystone Games. 

Jason Kay, Chief Operating Monkey at Monkey Gods LLC

Jason Kay is the architect of the team’s business strategy and operations and acts as the company’s COO, role he also held as co-founder of Flektor.  Prior to that, he served as a senior consultant for Home Box Office (NYSE: TWX), the largest pay television network in the world, helping to shape new media strategy. In 2000-1, he worked with a team of investment bankers in shaping the mergers and acquisition strategy for the Columbia House Company, a direct marketer of entertainment products with over $1 billion in annual sales. Columbia House was sold to Blackstone group in 2002 before merging with BMG Entertainment in 2005. His previous digital music company, MyCaster, was sold to Scour, Inc. in 1998.

Shalom Mann, Founder & Creative Director at OneLoop Games

Shalom Mann is the founder and creative director for OneLoop Games, which is focused on the design and development of social games. Mann is a seasoned expert in the field of game development and currently serves as Creative Director of One Loop Games, where he is focused on innovative games for social networks. Previously, Mann was Senior Vice President and Studio Head for Sony Online Entertainment’s Los Angeles studio, where he led gaming initiatives on a variety of platforms including PlayStation 3, mobile and online.

A ten-year veteran of Sony, Mann founded the mobile and online gaming units within Sony Pictures Digital and executive produced over 50 games, including the Spider-Man and James Bond franchises for mobile, The Da Vinci Code downloadable game for PCs, and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy for the PS3 console. Mann is recognized as one of the leading gaming minds in the industry and has won multiple IGN Game of the Year awards on the mobile platform, including Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile and God of War: Betrayal. Mann has also worked extensively with Sony Japan and Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) on emerging technologies. Mann was ranked number 42 in The Hollywood Reporter’s and Producer Guild of America’s Digital 50 for 2007.

Brad Spahr, Founder & CEO at Fan Space Media 

Brad Spahr brings over 11 years of digital media experience in product development, business development/licensing, sales and operations. Spahr spent six years at Sony Pictures Entertainment in a variety of roles related to gaming and digital media. As Executive Director of Digital Distribution, he focused on content licensing and strategic development for multi-platform content distribution in the U.S. market. Prior to that role, Spahr ran sales, operations and product development for Sony Pictures’ mobile gaming, video and personalization content businesses, elevating Sony from the 17th-ranked to the 5th-ranked mobile game publisher in the U.S. in less than 18 months and building a digital product catalog of over 1,000 entertainment-branded items. Prior to that, he was instrumental in building and launching the casual gaming portal SonyPicturesGames.com. Spahr has also held positions related to Digital Rights Management and web site/interactive television development. He is an active board member of the Technology Council of Southern California.





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